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Application-defined or object-defined error {1004}


ERROR 1004 - 1

[Report Generator] Cannot access CSBMSXLS.xls'. {1004}

Please close the previously export spreadsheet, i.e. CSBMSXLS.xls is still open and active.

ERROR 1004 - 2

The export feature cannot access the default system directory in Win7 implementations.


1. Go to your system default directory, i.e. CS BMS in Program Files\CSBMSV800 or Program File (x86)\CSBMSV800.

Change BMS to:

BMS - Business Management System
CMS - Clinic Management System
FMS - Farm Management System
PMS - Property Management System
SNL - Savings and Loans System

where applicable.

2. Right mouse click it, CSBMSV800, and go to Properties - Security.

3. Click Edit followed by Add.

4. Type Everyone in the Enter the object names field and press Ok.

5. Click Allow Full control and click Apply, Ok, Ok.

6. Re-try the export feature.




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